Hometown is a leader in premium-managed vacation and short-term executive homes operator in Dubai. We have been in the market since 2012 and we are licensed by Dubai Department of Tourism Commerce & Marketing (DTCM) to register and manage properties.

We apply top standards across all our properties with a focus on superior quality and service, practicality and location. We offer management services to property owners all over Dubai.

Ever thought of renting out your property for short-term lease? You don’t have to do anything; we will handle and manage your property, hassle free.

Higher Income

Did you know your property could generate a net rental income of 30% – 80% higher than annual rent?

Hassle free

The moment you decide to convert your propery to a Hometown suite, we will fully manage your property; from maintenance, utility fee payments, service fee payments, to branding, marketing and guest relations.

No sticky tenant

The best thing about short-term tenants is that they only stay for a short period. This gives you more opportunities to rent out your property throughout the year.


Keep an eye on how your property is doing with our online Owners’ Portal.

Use It When You Need it… Make Money When You Don’t
Sometimes you just want a staycation…at your own property. You have free access to use your property and all its facilities. Once the staycation is over, your property is back on the rental scene to generate income.

Higher Property value

Did you know that licensed vacation homes that are vacant tend to be worth more on the property market? Potential buyers can access your property for viewing at any time


You are not tied up with us. If you wish to drop your property from our rental pool, a three-month notice is all we need. Simple.

Furniture Financing

You have the option of financing the furnishing of your property through Hometown. We make sure that the furnishing has the signature Hometown standard. The cost is recovered from your monthly income.

Management Terms

Landlords should furnish the property to our Hometown standards.
Hometown initiates the management and marketing of the property to holidaymakers and travelling executives through our proprietary channels, as well as other booking channels.
We charge a fee on monthly booking revenues generated for the property and distribute the remaining balance after deducting direct costs directly to the landlord.

That is it. Simple, straightforward and transparent.
To arrange for a property assessment and proposal, please feel free to contact us.

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